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The sportswear market is booming and those who practice sports or just want to stay in shape need high performance clothing with specific features.
Totally seam-free garments optimize movements whereas body-mapping ventilation areas keep body temperature stable. Smooth and flawless support is provided by the use of premium microfibers yarns.

WKSTM sporstwear

Maximise your workout

Seamless activewear manufacturer
Sustainable activewear manufacture
Seamless activewear manufacturer
Sustainable activewear manufacture
Seamless activewear manufacturer
Sustainable activewear manufacture


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Seamless and sustainable activewear are all the rage these days, and why shouldn’t it be? We all want to look good in our activewear while doing our best for the environment!

Is Activewear Truly Seamless?

We produce seamless activewear that provides spectacular support and sleekness to the body. Seamless activewear has fewer creases and stitches, the garment perfectly moulds itself around the body. Not to mention the mesh provides much-needed breathability to help sweat out all those calories!

How Is Seamless Activewear Manufactured?

The fabric is knitted circularly into a whole garment that fits like a glove. This innovative method of knitting has truly changed the game. Seamless activewear is more durable and stylish than regular workout clothes, it also benefits intense workouts. Seamless activewear at CIFRA is produced with the utmost care and attention. Once your customers get their hands on them, they won’t be able to stop themselves from running to the closest gym and putting the seamless activewear to the test. Some users even say they don’t even feel the garment while they're working out. Talk about lightweight! Seamless activewear manufacturers also pay close attention to detail, the garments are made in several pleasing colours with numerous different styles to suit everyone. Contact us for a quotation or information about our white label service!

Let’s Talk About Sustainable Activewear

While seamless activewear that fits a body perfectly is great, rising consumerism is detrimental to our planet. Worry not, sustainable activewear manufacturers have been striving to create the best eco-friendly and ethically sourced activewear. Rest assured that at CIFRA we only use organic and ethically sourced yarns to knit out activewear. This sustainable activewear manufacturer is Oekotex certified! Sustainable activewear is just as durable and stylish as any other gym wear. The fibres stretch, providing support and they don’t shed microplastics after every wash.  

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