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Founded in Northern Italy in the late '70s, Cifra is a manufacturing company better known as "warp knit centre of excellence" that produces garments for private brands with an exclusive technology.
Our commitment to innovation, flexibility, strong production capacity and know-how made us the most innovative in the production of WKSTM items.
Cifra is a B2B oriented Company, that produces for the major international brands. Our knitting facility with Rachel and jacquard double needle bar machines, is fully located in Verano Brianza.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to creating a win-win situation for our customers and being the partner with an exclusive technology that offers the best performing and unique products.

  • 4000 sqm of production plant in Italy
  • 10 cad design computers
  • Knitting operations are entirely made in Italy
  • Sewing and dyeing: we have partnerships in Italy, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Moldova, Albania, Jordan, Turkey, U.S.A.
  • 25 Karl Mayer Double needle bar Jacquard knitting machines ("Cifra is the biggest company in the World for WKSTM", Karl Mayer). Discover more
  • Production capacity: 10.000 units/day

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"Today CIFRA is the most innovative and largest producer of warp knitted seamless apparel in the World"

Oliver Mathews

Vice President Business Unit Warp Knitting at Karl Mayer GmbH

Here some of our partner companies around the World for sewing and dyeing operations.

You can click on the logos to discover more

Evolution over time

It all started in the '70s with the production of agricultural nets. Price competition brought Cifra to look for more complex products.
In the early 2000s the purchase of the first double needle bar Jacquard machine from Japan.
This new machine gave to Cifra the possibility to shift from the price competition (low cost product) to the uniqueness of the product.
Afterwards the Company’s focus on the development of an amazing style department brought Cifra to be one of the most creative companies in the World.
Cifra quickly became well known in the hosiery field, and soon later also in fashion and sportswear as guarantee of high quality. Nowadays popularity of athleisure as new trend finds Cifra in front line in terms of offer and reliability.

Cifra exports to the following countries:

U.S.A., Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Mexico, Belarus, Switzerland, Serbia, France, Japan, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Lebanon, Pakistan, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Canada, South Korea, Spain and Russia.

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