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Seamless hosiery manufacturer
Seamless hosiery manufacturer

Hosiery is usually plain, simple, and monotone for everyday use. If you’re tired of those simple boring stockings then head over to seamless hosiery manufacturer CIFRAs website and check out its innovative designs. This manufacturer prides itself in its efficient and productive knitting facilities along with spectacular designs customers would love!

Why Choose Seamless Hosiery?

Hosiery uses two leg panels stitched along their length to create the garment. The seam would run along the back of the leg till the back. This seamed hosiery was commonly used but wasn’t necessarily comfortable or durable. Compared to seamless hosiery, the regular stockings are miles behind in terms of quality and comfort. Seamless hosiery is knitted circularly entirely, with no seams, cuts, or stitches required. The finished garment gives a sleek, smooth, and fluid look to the legs. With no seams to make fitted clothes look rumpled, seamless hosiery manufacturers like CIFRA have ramped up production to meet their customers' demands.

Unique Seamless Hosiery Designs

CIFRA utilises jacquard system machinery to knit and create intricate and pleasing designs on the seamless hosiery. Each unit is unique and just as comfortable. Hosiery is tailor-made according to the customers' wishes at this seamless hosiery manufacturer. Customers are invited to choose their pick of yarn, colour, designs, length, and even CAD. Geometrical figures, mesh, flowers, writing, and even artwork can be customised onto the seamless hosiery.

Sustainable Seamless Hosiery

Comfortable and stylish hosiery is all well and good, but a seamless hosiery manufacturer that uses eco-friendly yarn and knitting practices? CIFRA prides itself on its commitment to a zero-waste environment. Their innovative WKS knitting technology utilises all of the yarn. Only sustainable fibres that have been carefully evaluated by the seamless hosiery manufacturer as low energy consumption and low waste are used for knitting garments

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