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Private label seamless shapewear manufacturer
Private label seamless shapewear manufacturer

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Looking For Private Label Shapewear That Is Both Comfortable And Stylish?

Do you want to expand your clothing brand and add some cute and comfy seamless shapewear? You’ve come to the right place, CIFRA has just the thing for you! This seamless shapewear manufacturer produces luxury and sustainable shapewear!

Is Shapewear Seamless, Fashionable, And Comfortable?

You bet! Here at CIFRA, all our clothes including shapewear are intricately designed and manufactured. We add mesh to make the garment breathable and use Raschel double knits to add lace designs and cutouts. Our shapewear is made from knitted yarn that maintains a second-skin feel to the garment. With WKS seamless shapewear no flat appearance where not needed! Thanks to exclusive knitting details, WKS seamless shapewear expertly smooths or also accentuates the curves, following the body silhouette and enhancing all its peculiar beauty thus making any garment that goes over it even more stylish!

How Is It Made?

At CIFRA we like to keep things simple but intense. Our shapewear is knitted into a whole garment so that all the edges lay flat on your body, thus appearing discreet under clothes. The seamless shapewear is stretchable yet doesn't wear out easily and maintains its shape. Our shapewear is made from highly durable and long-lasting fabrics. We also cater to a large variety of shapes and sizes inclusive of everyone. Our seamless shapewear is lightweight, durable, and incredibly stylish! We make tailor-made seamless shapewear so you can customise your shapewear according to your brand's aesthetic.

About Shapewear

CIFRA manufactures shapewear from organic and sustainable yarns making it durable and sustainable. With the help of its patented cutting-edge technology, CIFRA 3D knits its shapewear with numerous blends of knitting techniques and materials. The shapewear is also designed to stretch without any loose ends coming out. The shapewear is made out of yarn making it durable, breathable, and highly absorbent! The shapewear is easy to wash too.

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