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Cifra produces greige garments, so that the brand can decide the colour for dyeing in piece.
We can also sell greige garments directly to the customer: in this case the minimum production quantity is 500 pieces per size.
We can supply the finished garments for bulk order in cooperation with our partner companies for dying and sewing (As explained in the Company Profile).
The minimum standard quantities for finished garments are 1000 pieces per colour and style.
Colours can be selected from TCX/TPX pantone code.
The cost varies from 100€ to 300€ (depending on the design complexity).
When the client makes the order this cost is reimbursed.
Cifra has a 30 years archive from which it is possible to take inspiration for new designs, matching existing ideas with the new ones (for password request contact info@wks-cifra.com.
It takes about 10/15 days since we receive your design (you can check how it works here).
To speed up the process, proto sample might be 100% finished at Cifra.
This depends on the quantity and on whether the client requires raw or finished products (dyed, sewed, packed).
The production is very flexible: the machine can shift from one design to the other in only 5 minutes.
Cifra has a production capacity of 10k garments a day, so we can easily manage also big quantities orders.
You can find all the available composition in the section What is WKS - Fibers & Yarns.
It is possible to use many other fibers to obtain different compositions but this as well as MOQ must be discussed directly with Cifra. However, the minimum quantity required is about 800 kg of yarn.
90% of our customers buy sizes M and L thanks to the extreme elasticity given by the warp knit and lycra, but we can also produce smaller and larger sizes without limitation.
You have to consider a tolerance of about +/- 5% in the control measures.
We have a quality control department that checks measures with CETME during different production steps.
We have our own size grading but we can also make any size accordingly to customer's specs.
These garments are easy to wash, dry off very quickly and do no need any ironing.
We are in partnership with Heiq and we can use these treatments during the dyeing process

Download pdf:
For odor control and feel fresh effect it is possible to use also:

Cifra does not send samples. For new collaboration we can organize a meeting during which we explain our working methodology and show to the client our production. For an appointment please contact info@wks-cifra.com.
No, we only sell to clothing companies with their own brand: Cifra is the name behind the brand.
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